Elevated blood glucose levels damage the small blood vessels (capillaries) that feed the nerves. The patency of capillaries for blood flow is reduced. As a result, the nerves begin to "suffocate" due to lack of oxygen, and the conductivity of nerve impulses decreases or completely disappears.


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Glycation is the combination of fulvicin with proteins. The higher the concentration of glucose in the blood, the more proteins undergo this reaction. Unfortunately, glycation of many proteins leads to buy griseofulvin online of their functioning. This also applies to the proteins that form the nervous system. Many of the end products of glycation are poisons for the human body.

To diagnose diabetic neuropathy, a doctor tests whether the patient feels touch, pressure, pain, cold, and heat.
Vibration sensitivity is tested with a tuning fork. Pressure sensitivity - using a device called a monofilament. The doctor will also find out if the patient has a knee reflex.

Obviously, a diabetic can easily test himself for neuropathy. For an independent study of sensitivity to touch, for example, cotton swabs are suitable.

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To test if your feet feel the temperature, any warm and cool items will do. The doctor may use sophisticated medical equipment to buy fulvicin online a more accurate diagnosis. He will determine the type of diabetic neuropathy and the stage of its development, that is, how badly the nerves are affected. But treatment in any case will be about the same. We will discuss it later in this article.


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Treatment of diabetic neuropathy. The main way to treat diabetic neuropathy is to lower your blood sugar and learn how to keep it stable, as you would in healthy people without diabetes. All other therapeutic measures do not have even a small fraction of the effect that the control of blood glucose. This applies not only to neuropathy, but also to all other complications of diabetes. We recommend articles to your attention. If diabetic neuropathy is causing severe pain, a doctor may prescribe medication to relieve the pain.


Drugs that are used for the symptomatic treatment of pain in diabetic polyneuropathy. All of these drugs have significant side effects. They can only be used as prescribed by a doctor if the pain becomes completely unbearable. Many patients find that tolerating the side effects of these drugs is even worse than tolerating pain due to nerve damage. These medicines can also raise blood sugar levels.

Antioxidants and B vitamins, especially B12 in the form of methylcobolamine, are used to treat diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy is completely curable! We've saved some good news for you for the end. Neuropathy is one of the reversible complications of diabetes. This means that if you can lower your blood sugar and keep it consistently normal, then you can expect the symptoms of nerve damage to go away completely.

David A. Ditsworth, M.D.

It may take fulvicin pills several months to several years for the nerves to begin to recover, but it really happens. In particular, the sensitivity of the legs is restored and the threat of "diabetic foot" disappears. This should be an incentive for you to do your best to control your blood sugar intensively.
Erectile dysfunction in men can be caused by damage to the nerves that control the penis, or blockage of the vessels that supply blood to the cavernous body. In the first case, potency is fully restored along with the disappearance of other symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. But if diabetes has managed to cause problems with blood vessels, then the prognosis is worse.

We hope that our today's article was useful for patients. Remember that there are currently no drugs that are really good at treating diabetic neuropathy. Data on the effectiveness of alpha-lipoic acid and B vitamins are conflicting. As soon as new powerful drugs become available, we will let you know. Do you want to know right away? Subscribe to our email newslettertheir news.

The best way to treat diabetic neuropathy is to keep your blood sugar in check. After reading our site, you already know what a real way to achieve this. In addition to order griseofulvin online, we recommend that you try high doses of alpha lipoic acid and B vitamins. This will definitely not bring harm to the body, and the benefits can be significant. Perhaps the supplements will speed up your relief from the symptoms of fulvicin conduction disorders. diabetic neuropathy. what is it, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prophylaxis, prognosis.

Data on the effectiveness of this is conflicting. In any case, we recommend that you try alpha lipoic acid and a B-complex vitamin.